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Old Barn Animal Nutrition’s products were developed after extensive research and testing.  Made with natural and organic ingredients, our animal supplements are top quality guaranteed to perform and meet your animal’s needs.

Whether you need electrolytes with vitamins to prevent heat stress and dehydration during hot weather for all your bovine animals, nutrients for milk fed calves, a calf Scour treatment, or protein supplements for beef cattle, we have the best supplements for animal nutrition available at competitive prices.


Our Equine line of animal nutrition supplements is 100% natural and organic, providing the very best nutrition for your horses.  The “Equifino” line is an overall supplement designed to provide immune & joint support, hoof care, improved digestive health and condition skin and coat for fine appearance.

For track horses, our Track Horse line of supplements are specially formulated to build strong lean muscle, provide joint & lung support, and to decrease stress.  When you want the finest, top quality supplements for your animals, call (209) 277-5450.

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"When you want the best for your animals, use Old Barn Animal Nutrition products."